An folen ma yw rann an kovskrif. Ny vydh hi nowedhes.

Ragdres Porthkellys

Lonch ‘sodhogel’ an Ragdres Porthkellys a vydh synsys yn An Steren, Porthkellys, 7-00pm 8ves mis Est, - gwir dy’Lun yw mes nag yw glas!

Lesewgh an nowodhow!

Derivas 1

Derivas 2

Derivas 3

Derivas 4

Derivas 5

Derivas 6

Derivas 7

Porthkellys a gan!


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Porkellis Project

The ‘official’ launch of the Porkellis Project took place in The Star, Porkellis, 7-00pm 8th August.

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Report 2

Report 3

Report 4

Report 5

Report 6

Report 7

Porkellis sings!