Penwith Landscape Partnership

In August the Penwith Landscape Partnershipo appointed Loveday Jenkin and Tony Phillips of Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek as the Language and Culture Advisors, otherwise known as the Para Kernewek. They will be taking the lead on our work relating to the Cornish language and culture and delivering our Taking Names project over the next three years. This will focus on the presence of Cornish language in the Penwith landscape, as well as in local stories and folklore.

A-dro dhe Henwyn-Tyller or Taking Names aims to share with the whole community information about the Cornish language - especially how it is reflected in our landscape and how it helps to shape our sense of place, particularly through field and place names. Loveday and Tony are hoping to record the many stories, myths and legends passed down by word of mouth by families, and to gather oral histories from older members of the Penwith community. A particular emphasis will be on making Cornish more accessible to school children.

Their aim over the course of the project is to develop guided walks in Cornish for Cornish speakers, to hold names and memory days, to run language taster sessions, and to contribute to our online resources. Keep an eye on our Virtual Landscape Hub to find out more about their work, and for news on upcoming events.

You can find the November newsletter here.