From Delia Brotherton at Porth Ia:
Termyn yw rag oll ahanan kuntell warbarth rag Yeth an Werin Kernow a'n West.Ni a wra mettya dy Meurth 20es mis Metheven 2017 dhe'n tavern Arvow Kernow, Fordh Borth Ia, Porth Ia (A3047 ogas dhe Tesco yn Porth Karbons) ogas dhe 8.00wh.
Del usyes, hwi a yll parkya yn Fordh Tregenna Ughellaheb ponvos. Wolkum owgh hwi oll.
Kestava - Myrghwynn Melynor 01736 799305 po
Agas gweles ena!
The Launceston Yeth an Werin is on the 2nd Monday of each month in the Bell Inn, from 7.30 to 9.30. On 10th July, Brian Rogers is coming to the Yeth to talk about possible ways of developing it and attracting more people.
Contact Sarah Cooke for more information
Myttin da peub,
Y fydh yeth an weris dhe'n Aradror yn Essa ynter 7 ha 9 eur y'n gorthugher an 7ves a vis Est ha'n 4 ves a vis Gwynngala mar mynnowgh dos ena y fiens fest wolkomm.
Oll an gwella.
Good morning everyone,
There will be a yeth and werin at the Ploughboy in Saltash between 7 and 9 in the evening the 7th of August and the 4th of September if you want to come then you would be very welcome.
All the best.

The Hellys | Helston Yeth an Werin meetings every Tuesday at An Ancor Glas | The Blue Anchor every week for lessons starting at 7.30 and a general gettogether from 8.00. Every fourth |Tuesday is a proper Yeth an Werin.
The group is on Facebook-
From Dee and Steve Harris at the Porkellis Yeth an Werin:

The Porkellis Yeth an Werin will be held on Monday 5th June at The Star Inn, Porkellis. A class in spoken Cornish for beginners will run from 7.30pm for about an hour. Bydh ena po bydh pedrek! / Be there or be square!

If you visit the Prag Na? group you'll see the message in Kernewek too!

Yma Yeth an Werin dhe'n Rann Wartha (Wetherspoons) Sen Austel myttinweyth pub dy' Lun, yntra deg eur ha hanterdydh, marnas dy' goelyow kemmyn.

There's a Yeth an Werin at the Rann Wartha (Wetherspoons) St Austell, every Monday morning, between ten o'clock and midday, except bank holidays.

Details for the 27th June Yeth at the Bridge Inn from Ray Chubb:

A whi agas oll wheg,
Dy Merth an nessa seythen yw Yeth an Werin Pons Resulyan henn yw 27ves mis Metheven hag y fydh synsys yn Tavern Pons Resulyans ogas dhe Resrudh, dalleth 8.30wh saw mars eus re ahanowgh, nag yw eseli an keur Tereba Nessa, a garsa kesvetya moy a-varr welcom owgh whi dhe wul yndella.
Gans oll an gwella,

Yeth an Werin at Bridge Inn near Redruth Tuesday next week 8.30pm. Meet earlier if you wish.

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