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Nowodhow ha hwarvosow y'n bys Kernewek

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Taves an Tir - ragdres Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

A vynnowgh kewsel Kernewek gans agas fleghes y'n chi? Dewgh ha dyski gwariow, kanow ha lavarow dhe usya yn aktivitys gansa. Gwrewgh dri an teylu dhe Gowsva pub nessa dy'Sadorn dhe 1.30. Medrys orth fleghes bys dhe unnek bloodh mes wolkom yw fleghes kottha ynwedh, heb mar. Hwarvos teylu yw - ny yll fleghes kemeres rann heb tevesik soweth. Heb kost - mes argevrohow a vydh spenys rag gwellhe agan aktivitys y'n termin a dheu. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1626378417406446/

Testskrif Holyer an Gof rag agan 'fardel adhyskansel'.

Sewyansow arhwithrans DLDP. Gwra gweles an Sowsnek mar pleg.

Ragdres nowydh: Prag na?

Kuntellyans ha kevewi dhe Gowsva dy'Meurth 9ves a vis Me 2017/Meeting and social evening at Kowsva on Tuesday 9th. May 2017

Y fydh towlow tewlys yn skon rag klassow Kernewek y'n Kynyav. Gwrewgh 2017 an vledhen ha hwi ow tyski yeth gwir a Gernow. Gwrewgh kestava orthyn rag manylyon po mos dhe wiasva Learn Cornish Now.

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek yw rann bagas dhiwedhes a gowethasow yeth gans an hanow Rosweyth. An bagas a vynn restra ragdresow war-barth ha re wrug appoyntya a-lergh sodhek ragdres - Brian Rogers - rag gweres tenna tus dhe aktivitys socyal a'n Yeth Kernewek. Y hyllir kestava orth Brian orth pragna@cornish-language.org.

Video dhyworth an Benn-seythen Kernewek 2017 yn Tewynblustri. Meur ras Matthi Clarke. Yma ynwedh derivas gans Sarah Cooke ha mirva a'y skeusennow. Meur ras dhedhi.


Y fydh stallow Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek dhe'n hwarvosow ma. Dewgh ha leverel 'Hou'! Mar hyllowgh gweres dyghtya stall, gwrewgh kestava orthyn mar pleg.

Taves an Tir: Ugensves lyther nowodhow

Y hyllir mires orth ugenves lyther nowodhow agan ragdres 'Taves an Tir' omma. Rag pellla manylyon, gwra mires orth an folen ma, mar pleg.

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Taves an Tir

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Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek Project - Taves an Tir


Want to speak some Cornish with your children at home? Come along and learn some games, songs and phrases to use in activities. Bring the family to Kowsva every second Saturday at 1.30. Aimed at children up to 11 years old but older children are also welcome, of course. This is a family session - children can't take part on their own unfortunately. Free - but any donations will be used to enhance our activities in the future. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1626378417406446/

DLDP Survey results: Urgent need for digital development of lesser-used languages:

The Digital Language Diversity Project (DLDP) has published the results from its survey on what speakers of four lesser-used languages, Breton, Basque, Sardinian and Karelian, want to see in terms of digital development for their language.

Key Results are:

1) Regional and minority language speakers have a strong desire to use their languages digitally, in all the sociolinguistic domains and for all the purposes where major languages are used.

2) Social media has a huge potential as a domain that drives language revitalisation, but this sociolinguistic space is still restricted.

3) There is a clear demand for increased regional language usage in the public domain.

4) Minoritised language speakers need to be supported and encouraged regarding their ability to use their languages digitally and for their importance as digital content creators.

5) The lack of structural support for these languages is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. The digital development of these languages is not sustainable when it has to rely on the work of a handful of activists and volunteers.

DLDP Survey Results: http://www.dldp.eu/content/reports-digital-language-diversity-europe

ELEN Press Release: https://elen.ngo/2017/07/24/urgent-need-for-digital-development-of-lesser-used-languages-new-dldp-survey-launched/

New project - Prag na? (Why not?)

Plans will be made soon for Cornish language classes in the Autumn. Make 2017 the year you learn Cornwall's very own language. Contact us for details or go to the Learn Cornish Now website.

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek is part of a recent group of language societies with the name Rosweyth ('Network'). The group plans collaborative projects and has just appointed a project officer - Brian Rogers - to help engage people in the community in Cornish language social activities. You can contact Brian at pragna@cornish-language.org.

A video from the 2017 Cornish Language Weekend in Newquay. Thanks to Matthi Clarke. There is also a report from Sarah Cooke and a gallery of Sarah's photos. Thanks to her.


There will be Kowethas an Yeth stalls at these events. Come and say 'Hello'! If you can help run a stall, please contact us.

Taves an Tir: Twentieth newsletter

You can look at the twentieth newsletter of our project 'Taves am Tir' here. For further details, please see this page.


Cornish language weekend

Taves an Tir


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